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The Ah-Mut Pipa Foundation

Current / Proposed Projects

Community Education:

The Foundation is spearheading efforts to inform and educate the larger community of threats to culturally-significant sites on and near the Ft. Yuma Indian Reservation. Current efforts are focussed on the proposed nuclear waste dump at Ward Valley, as well as the proposed Imperial Project, a gold strip-mining operation planned by the Glamis Gold Corporation.

Language Classes:

The Ah-Mut Pipa Foundation works with Quechan youth year round teaching language through theatrical productions or Tribal songs.


The Foundation is currently seeking support and a venue in the San Francisco Bay Area for the theatrical production "Snake Clan," an original Native American play based on Quechan culture and history, told through the voices of our ancestors.


The Foundation is also in post production on the documentary, "Evoking the Spirit of Kumut," which documents the Quechan's journey north on the old running trail that hasn't been used in hundreds of years, in protest of the proposed nuclear waste dump at Ward Valley. This also documents the healing process as the Quechan retrace their past, retelling the migration from Avikwame.

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